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We specialize in creating engaging games tailored for the UK market, both land-based and online, meeting diverse gaming needs with innovation and expertise.

Card Game Design

Complete game design from assets to implementing game mechanics onto the blockchain. Web based interface with Metamask integration through Unity. 

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Suite of Games

Over the years we have developed several mobile games targeting the hyper-casual genre. They are available on both IOS and Android.

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STOP Drop Pizza

Boss Bunny Games

Mobile games production, full development cycle, including Marketing Pack.
Built for Android, IOS and Huawei.  

Camel Dash Characters
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Amnesia Records

Music Production
Video Production
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It was a pleasure working with Amnesia Records and Blackjack. They had a project in mind of creating a series of video clips for their new album "21" and they came to us for help and info about how they can raise the capital for such a venture. We proposed the creation of a Kickstarter campaign and helped them with the setup.The filming of the video was done as a collaborative effort by the team and then the post production in Aftereffects. We created and edited all of the imagery with 3ds Max, Aftereffects and Photoshop using various plugins.


Concept Art
Production Art
Music and Audio Production
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Yarr me hearties, Blackbeard be for the online HTML5 market and supports both landscape and portrait mode. Take to the seas and join the mighty Blackbeard's crew. Long John Silver be your target, cannons be your weapon. Scuttle the ships of all who would stand between you and the seadog himself. Take his plunder for yourself or lose and be swallowed by Davy Jones' Locker. Shiver me timbers, thar be four ruckas reel modifiers, three full o' awe features and lots o' good piratey fun. Blackbeard will be a kraken good hit. A game created for Bulletproof Games

Diamond Symphony

Concept Art
Production Art
Music and Audio Production
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Diamond Symphony is for the online HTML5 market and supports both landscape and portrait mode. It is a cascading reels game where each win moves you up the freespins ladder. Keep popping and dropping wins to win the freespins bonus feature. With neon graphics, beautiful music and high action game play Diamond Symphony is sure to hit the right note. Da dum tsh!
 A game created for
 Bulletproof Games

Wave City Centre Noida

Concept Art
Production Art

Music and Audio Production
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A three month VR project created for Wave City Center in Noida (In). We used the Oculus Rift and Unreal Engine to create incredible walkthroughs of their new build. The team has worked incredibly hard to make sure the VR experience is seamless. The models were supplied by the client which were then converted into UE functioning assets with lighting baked in. Getting the location right was crucial, we used HDRI's taken on location.

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