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Committed to our clients, our people and telling great stories, we continue to evolve as a go-to resource for studios, game developers and advertisers that demand top-of-the-line visual content.

In 2015, three friends and fellow gamers decided to start Pixelwarp Studios, their main goal being to craft visually stunning and engaging narratives, an ambition that remains true to this day. Our solid pipeline and flexible production model is designed to easily expand as we continue to move forward into game and film development, both on our own and partnered with accomplished directors and writers. With extensive experience in motion graphics, a driven team of directors, producers and artists, and a design workflow to bring the unimaginable to life.

Tibor Papp


art and design

Tibor is the CEO of Pixelwarp Studios, a seasoned games artist and professional art freak, a passionate leader with a proven track record for bringing elaborate ideas into strong, compelling products. He has worked in the games industry for the past 10 years, in the gambling industry for the past 5 and has excelled in leading several fields including motion graphics, game design and concept art.  

Minurland Constantin



Started working with Game Maker 7.0 in his teens and evolving into an amazing Indie Unity Developer. With experience in both 2D and 3D games and having worked with companies like EA and Big Blue, he believes Unity represents the future of gaming. 

Alex C


animation and marketing

Alex graduated from Marketing Ba at Birmingham City University, a Concept art Course within the top industry schools and has amazing passion for games and animation. During his studies had access to some of the inside information from the industry, giving him amazing opportunity to incorporate his marketing skills into a business environment.

Niko Kapalos


unity programming

Niko has been passionately playing video games for over two decades, while developing his own for half of this time. With a BSc in Computer Science, an MSc in Games Software Development, 2 years of industry experience, and a constant excitement for learning new things, he is always on the lookout for the next cool technique that will elevate his game's mechanics, aesthetics, storytelling and overall player experience.

Zoltan Papp


sound production and design

Zoltan is a professional musician since he was 13 and is a brilliant guitarist with a passion for music and sound design. Throughout his career he has toured with many bands and played some great stages, learning a lot through his journey.

With a Ba(hons) and an MSc in Economics and International Affairs has deep insight on how to best use company reach and a uniquely suited creative skillset to lead the sound production.

Feline Papp


finance admin / HR consultant

With over 5 years experience in leadership and Management ranging from leading small teams of 3-5 people and up to being the President of an NGO, she provided training, guidance and management to help any team shift its dynamic towards a more friendly, positive and professional environment and improve significantly their communication techniques.

Our talented art team provides industry quality services in graphic design, film production and concept art.

 Branded content, corporate films and video intros for a diverse range of sectors is something any thriving business needs. Pixelwarp can provide additional services for companies that need help with production, pipeline and much more.

Pixelwarp Studios Offices
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