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UI/UX Course Overview

In order to bring to life the games you are now capable (and to be honest, quite talented at) designing, there is one more aspect you need to understand. The mystical duo of UI and UX. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the two extra-mile concepts that will bring your games to be true final products. 

If you imagine the games as a human body you have a bone structure represented by the code, a set of organs that ensure all systems run properly which here is the UX and the appearance taken by the UI. Whoever said that looks aren’t important was wrong in this case. 
You will learn in this course to design the UX to the best that it can be: the process of research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality results. As soon as the plan is clear as how you will provide your users with an easy to use, functional and dynamic experience, the work on the UI can begin. You will be taught how to design an appealing interface, cohesive with the style of the game, using colours to showcase hierarchy/ importance, page lay-outs that fit all sizes of screens, interactivity and animation.  

Completion of this course will bring you closer to developing your own games, as finished products ready to take on the market. It will make use of your already accumulated skills and knowledge of designing and animating. 


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UI/UX Course Overview

The tools we will use for this course are going to be Photoshop, Zbrush and 3D Max. You already harnessed the skills needed to be a professional of the industry. The next step in order to stand out from the other artists is providing your clients with unitary, functional, quality products. For that,  learning about the UI and UX will be the package that brings your games from concepts in your computer to actual signed contracts on your client’s desks. 

It’s not just about the clients though. Your own style, your own brand will have a place to shine as UI’s provide a first impression. Therefore, learning how to transfer your brand’s strengths and visual assets into games that will fall in the hands of many people from the industry will give you the chance for recognition, more contracts and FAME... Well maybe not so dramatic as we put it, but the chance sure is there. Ready to take a leap?

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You’re never just a number. We cap our art class sizes at 5 students so you get the most attention possible at a more affordable price.


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