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3D Modeling

3D Rendering

Video Production

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 Part of our educational courses, these modules are here to help you begin your career in games

Advanced 3D Modeling

Learn advanced 3D modeling techniques and pipelines. From High poly workflows to low poly functioning models, you will master them all.

UI/UX advanced 

UI and UX are two of the most important factors in your pipeline for facilitating any marketable product. Learn with us the in's and out's

Introduction to 
3D Modeling

Build a solid foundation of

skills and learn how to create

industry standard 3D models

for the film and video games 


 Game art and game design

Pre-production art for games is fundamental step for any great game. We provide concept art with a range of mood boards and analysis, weighted final game assets, 3d digital sculpts and models, texture painting and a wide variety of other media.   

 Product planning

In our experience, a well planed project and a solid strategy is paramount to the success of your product. We will provide a specifically targeted course of action to make sure that you hit your target audience and at the same time not lose sight of core brand values. 

Pipeline planning

For newly set up departments or studios it is often difficult to figure out a functioning pipeline that has scalable capability over time. This tends to create costly problems down the line. We are here to help you work out your software needs and plan out data storage.

Motion graphics and VFX

Animation is another key part of any game or video product. We produce high quality animations from 2D sprites to rigged 3D models for games, trailers and video products. Our post production team can make even the lowest budget shot look cinema ready.

Live action filming

Our professional camera team can help with any film requirements you may have, from face-to-camera pieces to multi location shooting. Pixelwarp can provide stunning shots that are worthy of the big screen.

 Branding solutions  

Whether you are a small sized business that just started out or a large corporate business, our team has extensive knowledge of creating, managing and growing your brand.