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Advanced 3D Course Overview

So you have realised 3D Modelling has nothing to do with catwalks or colorful clay... If you know by now the basics about modelling, texturing objects, transforming them and you want to learn more and get better at it, this is the course for you. 

We will teach you about Zbrush digital sculpting and texturing, enhancing your asset, character and environment designs. In order to showcase your characters, we will help you understand how animations work, creating the rig for a character, poses, skinning, lighting, editing your animation and rendering it. All of this, will make your portfolio stand out from the crowd’s. 

 Unsure how many career paths you can choose from when it comes to the world of 3D Art? You want to learn more about how you can use these skills to become a true artist working in a professional studio pipeline, whether it’s being a 3D Artist for mobile or PC games, for films or short animations?
Our professional artists will give you tips and tricks in order to use 3Ds Max to the potential you and your creations deserve.  Bringing your ideas to life was never this close!


6 months

Course type


Course load

16 hrs/week

Skill level

Intermediate - Advanced

What you get
  • Access to world-class mentors

  • Live weekly classes

  • Weekly recorded critiques

  • Custom built curriculum

  • Free student software licenses

  • Access to online learning portal

Advanced 3D Course Overview

Now that 3D Max is no longer such a daunting software to use, Zbrush will be child’s play. We will take you through the basics of sculpting using Zbrush, creating correct anatomical characters, adding clothing and various details for a polished look.

Both your characters and their accessories will be textured and detailed to develop your finest skills. You will be able to customize the looks quicker using the tricks you already learned from using Surface Painter and 3D Max. UV mapping them and creating the proper material and lighting for the assets will bring you to the final steps of rendering them, in order to present your work in a professional and outstanding manner, thus furthering your career opportunities.   

course tuition

Power Class

You’re never just a number. We cap our art class sizes at 5 students so you get the most attention possible at a more affordable price.


£ 625

6 x Payments



2 x Payments

(Save 15%)



1 x Payments

(Save 20%)

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