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3D Modeling Course Overview

You play games and watch movies...you wonder who are the mythical creatures who create these characters and worlds and how did they do it? Well, with a bit of dedication you can become one of them. If you already tried your hand at some 3D modelling and want to be better, this is also where our course comes in. 


Sure, 3D modelling is a broad topic, but we assure you we will guide our curriculum to fit your strengths and interests, while making sure we cover all the basics an Artist should have. 


We will teach you all the tricks our artists have found during their years of experience to facilitate your development and give you the head-start you deserve.  You will learn to model, texture, high vs low poly, UW mapping, but you will also get a grasp of the theoretical concepts that have broader applications in various digital art formats. The evaluation will happen live so you get real-life feedback, all the while in the comfort of your home. 

We recommend completing this course even for more experienced 3D Modelers, before move on to the Advanced 3D Modeling program, which will bring a more in-depth approach to the areas you want to develop for your 3D Artist career.


6 months

Course type


Course load

16 hrs/week

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What you get
  • Access to world-class mentors

  • Live weekly classes

  • Weekly recorded critiques

  • Custom built curriculum

  • Free student software licenses

  • Access to online learning portal

3D Modeling Course Overview

We know what opening  3DSMax for the first time feels like. It has an overwhelming amount of buttons, options, capabilities. Worry not! Our professionals will come to the rescue. They will teach you about the interface, how to navigate through it and create, edit and polish your 3D Models in manageable small chunks. You will be creating your own first model in no time. 

After this,  you will be taught the differences that models need to have according to their purpose. For instance, using high poly models for mobile games would make the device run very slow, eat up a lot of resources and battery life. Once you have your own first object, we will help you understand and apply textures in Substance Painter and learn the more advanced options for what array of visual effects you can achieve by playing with the textures. 

course tuition

Power Class

You’re never just a number. We cap our art class sizes at 5 students so you get the most attention possible at a more affordable price.


£ 625

6 x Payments



2 x Payments

(Save 15%)



1 x Payments

(Save 20%)

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